Osoyoos Gelato

What is gelato?

Gelato is Italian-style ice cream, made from milk rather than lots of cream. At Roberto's our gelato contains less than 6 percent butterfat. That is over 50% less fat than premium, factory made, ice cream with 12 to 18% butterfat!

Roberto's sorbettos (most of the fruit flavours) contain no milk products at all  and are made from just real fruit, water and sugar. But don't be fooled - they are just as smooth and creamy in texture, and it is hard to believe that they are essentially fat free! A good choice too for anyone who is lactose intolerant. 

Another big difference between gelato and regular ice cream is the much lower air content, also called "overrun". Ice cream contains as much as 50 to 60 percent air, so most of what you pay for is air! Gelato is much more dense with only 20 to 25 percent air. 

Because of the lower air and fat content, as well as a slightly higher serving  temperature, gelato is velvety smooth and creamy, and the flavours are generally much more intense than in regular ice cream. 

Why not come in and try for yourself!